Screening “Modulation 8”

Screening, Modulation 8

Dates: March 26 – 27, 2022
Location: The White (Tokyo, Japan)


Are You Public Domain? by Osamu Kanemura will be screened by Modulation 8. This selection featured video works characterized by their non-narrative nature. Modulation 8 is a venue for presenting artists whose results do not fit into individual genres, such as video, photography, music, and fine arts.

Time Table


Artist: Armando Lulaj
Movie title: BREAKING STONES(2017)
Time: 10:31

Artist: Ikuhisa Sawada
Movie title: ejection device(2022)
Time: 09:36

Artist: Marco Mazzi
Movie title: FOLLOW US OR DIE! (2020-2022)
Time: 09:43

Artist: Osamu Kanemura
Movie title: Are You Public Domain? (2020)
Time: 25:10

Artist: Hiroko Komatsu
Movie title: Silent Sound(2020)
Time: 15:16

Artist: Shozaburo Ishida
Movie title: unknown diary(2021-2022)
Time: 30:00



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