News about Osamu Kanemura

Event 2021 FEB 24, Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair

Osamu Kanemura’s photo book “Lead-palsy Terminal” and handmade book “Road Kill Hunting” is on sale at Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair.
Please check out the BOOKDUMMYPRESS page. You can also view a short documentary film about Osamu Kanemura.

金村修の写真集「Lead-palsy Terminal」、ハンドメイドブック「Road Kill Hunting」がPrinted Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fairで販売されます。(※NY Art Book Fairは、今年初めてヴァーチャルで行われます。)

[Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair]
Wednesday, February 24 — Opening
Thursday, February 25
Friday, February 26
Saturday, February 27
Sunday, February 28

Free Public Hours
February 25—28
24 Hours

Exhibitor Access Hours
24 Hours

Information: Printed Matter, Inc. and BOOKDUMMYPRESS

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