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Exhibition 2021 OCT 21, ”Looper Syndicate” in New York

OCT 21 – DEC 18, 2021
”Looper Syndicate” by Osamu Kanemura
dieFirma, New York

In the process of installing.

金村修の個展”Looper Syndicate”が、ニューヨークのdieFirmaで開催されます。


Osamu Kanemura’s solo exhibition “Looper Syndicate” will be held at dieFirma in New York.
The exhibition consists of 2,000 color digital prints and video projections, and is the first time Kanemura’s color digital works (photography and video) have been exhibited in New York. 2 floors of the venue, the basement floor, will be filled with Kanemura’s color digital works.

In collaboration with independent publisher and bookstore bookdummypress, Kanamura’s handmade books will be on display in one corner of the exhibition space. On the first floor of the same venue, there is an exhibition by Hiroko Komatsu.
Workshops and talk shows are scheduled during the exhibition.

Osamu Kanemura, “Looper Syndicate”
October 21–December 18, 2021
Wednesday–Saturday 11:00 AM–5:30 PM
dieFirma: 32A Cooper Square, New York, NY

Workshop | Osamu Kanemura, Hiroko Komatsu, Victor Sira
Two-Part Workshop
Session One: Saturday, October 30th
Session Two: Saturday, November 6th

Talk Show | Pauline Vermare, Osamu Kanemura, Hiroko Komatsu
November 4th, 7:00 -8:30 PM

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