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Event 2018, Japan Society: Benefit Auction 2018

A work of Osamu Kanemura is being auctioned.

Japan Societyは、1907年に設立されたアメリカ合衆国の非営利組織で、ニューヨーク市マンハッタンに所在しており、日米の人々により近い関係と、相互の理解・感謝・協力をもたらすことを目的としています。
Japan Society is a non-profit organization formed in 1907 to promote friendly relations between the United States and Japan. Its headquarters, the youngest landmark building in New York, was designed by Junzo Yoshimura and opened in 1971 at 333 East 47th Street near the United Nations.

Information: Japan Society: Benefit Auction 2018
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