News about Osamu Kanemura

Exhibition 2018 FEB 3, “Modern Art Recisited” in Tottori

Modern Art Recisited: from the Collection of Fukuoka Art Museum
from Dali and Warhol to Yayoi Kusama

FEB 3 – MAR 18, 2018
At Tottori Prefectural Museum
(Including Osamu Kanemura’s work)

The outline
The Fukuoka Art Museum which opened in 1979 is learned about by the collection in which I equal 16,000 points which make the near contemporary art and the antique two pillars. History of modern art is changed by a collection of the near contemporary art Fukuoka Art Museum possesses by this exhibition as a rare chance, and would like to follow that an art museum entered a large-scale repair work for renewal opening in 2019.
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