Book, 『中平卓馬論』江澤健一郎

江澤健一郎氏の著書『中平卓馬論 来たるべき写真の極限を求めて』に、金村修が2011年に撮影した中平卓馬の映像作品から切り出した写真が掲載されています。

Kenichiro Ezawa’s book, “Nakahira Takuma Theory: In Search of the Limits of Photography to Come,” includes a photograph taken by Osamu Kanemura in 2011 that was cut from a video work of Nakahira Takuma.

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The rupture and continuity of memory surrounding photography
Since the 1960s, Takuma Nakahira (1938-2015) has been attracting attention as a photographer and critic. This is an outstanding theory of photography that traces the trajectory of his photographic activities and writings from his early years to his later years, and radically considers the conditions of the very horizon on which photography exists, using “memory” as the key.

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