DVD Booklet, Shrimp Cocktail President

“Shrimp Cocktail President” was Osamu Kanemura’s solo exhibition in 2018 in Tokyo. It was shown by his video installation that used whole space of the gallery. He published a DVD Booklet with the same title in 2020 using the movie and his statement from the exhibition.

“Shrimp Cocktail President” is published from “Killer Agent” that the label Osamu Kanemura runs. Each package was cut and signed by Osamu Kanemura.

Shrimp Cocktail President
100 Limited Edition
Shoot and edited by Osamu Kanemura in 2018
Time: 14:20
Format: 16:9
16 × 16 cm
Published by KILLER AGENT, 2020
Price: 5,000- yen

Available at Killer Agent and SO BOOKS

Images from the movie.

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